Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Planning Pitches - Revised date: Monday 13 October

Well done all of you; you have completed the two main AV analysis tasks - the next will be print analysis after the pitches. Moving forward the planning tasks are:
  • Making improvements to the content and presentation of the MV deconstruction and Tech Analysis.
  • 6 frame storyboard per student taken from secondary research - can be electronic or drawn and scanned.
  • Call sheet and risk assessment uploaded into Brighton planning post.
  • Questionnaires completed and uploaded to survey monkey. 
  • Individual reflection on purpose, methodology and construction of questionnaire.
  • Location reccies.  What is the purpose?  what locations are you considering at this point?  What has informed your current decisions?  What do you plan to film at each location?  What resources would you need to take to a location reccie?  What dates and times have you arranged to go to potential locations?  Group post with some found images.
  • Concept development - to get the green light you need to be very definite about what is happening in the beginning - middle and end. and what the camera is doing.  Storyboarding or having a shot list for the first ten and last ten seconds would help.
  • Props, costumes, actors, lighting, SFX, camera movement. Take a couple of areas each and use either found or original images as evidence.
  • Visual effects - evidence and some explanation of how you are going to achieve the effect.   If you need help from JF then it is time to ask him.

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