Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Adobe Premiere Terminology

The following terms could be used to explain your process in post production:

Current time indicator, visual timeline, audio timeline, zoom in, cut clips, trim clips, cutting tool, organise, select, drag and drop, time stretch, overlay, edit, compress time, re-arrange, re-order, montage, continuity, duration, shot, cutting rate, media window, transitions, effects, video effects, audio effects, key frame, render, export, work area bar, motion, opacity, volume, balance, share, Mpeg, image control, lightness and contrast, saturation levels, colour balance, adjust hue, intercut, angle, monitor...

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Friday 5th December - Deadline for Music Video and Print Production

Targets for the week.  Aim to take on a different role over the three sessions
  • Blog director - refine and edit all posts on the blog.
  • Post individual progress updates on the blog after each session with visuals
  • Post regular production logs on post production - either bullet points or short film
  • Print production - creative links with the music video and existing metanarrative.
  • Rough cut of music video and print on Thursday 12 pm.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Week 17/11 - Progress print work

This week, you should complete the following 4 tasks:

1. editing at least 30 seconds of video to the track, ready to review on Thursday in lesson with KJ -this can be more!

2. Ensure digipak posts are reviewed and improved - by end of Monday 8pm

3. Work on layouts for digipak 4 panes minimum, 2 magazine advertisements for different segments of target audience and/or different forms – these should be posted on blog and annotated for media language / representation / ideological discourse

4. commenting on blog your individual contributions to all of the above


In groups, discuss the following and ensure that this is commented on during your research:

1. how will your band/artist metanarrative be constructed through the design of your promo campaign across a variety of forms?

2. What visual signifiers are creating a coherent promo campaign?

3. How will your print work be rich in connotation - think about representation and ideological discourse in your work