Sunday, 8 November 2009

Production log

You now need to use your blog to reflect on your shoots and any editing progress answering questions such as:
1. What worked / what did you change
2. Have you changed your idea from your storyboard?
3. Describe any innovative techniques used when shooting / editing
4. Issues with weather, props, locations, performers, lighting that you had

This will not only contribute to planning grade, but you will need this information to write evaluation and answer question in exam.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Planning marks - a few final tips

I'm just marking your blogs and the following 'housekeeping' changes need to be made. We want you to all achieve the highest mark possible and therefore to ensure a level 4, in addition to the quality of your individual analysis - you MUST show how your concept developed. You also need to show EXCELLENCE in use of ICT in presenting planning and evaluation so you must use the blog efficiently, creatively:

1. Don't post a link to youtube - always embed the clip in your blog. This is for your animatic, video analysis, auteur videos... anything that you are referring to
2. Keep titles of posts to one line in menu and ALWAYS start with your initials so we can easily see who has done what
3. Check punctuation / paragraphs
4. Where possible highlight key terminology, use bullet points, images - make it easy to read.
5. Audience research? This should have it's own post, with detail on methodology and results evaluation
6. Digipak designs - post entries documenting your ideas and with scan/image of your layouts (1 EACH)
7. Have you done some filming already? You will need to post an entry evaluating the shoot, what worked, what you changed, any technical issues, ideas, inspirations, issues with weather, general public etc. You will need this info for your evaluation AND exam. Include screenshot of risk assessment / call sheets to show organisation.