Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Holiday Work and Animatic

Hello everyone.  Many of you are filming this week, some were able to take advantage of the good weather yesterday; Friday and Saturday also look sunny... if you have any issues with equipment, Jason is in this week so he can help out.

You have two written tasks to complete over the holiday.  The first is preparation for the A2 skills question in the exam and the second is the print analysis for the digipak, part of your planning.  Please make sure you upload stills as evidence for this post and that you analyse the front and back cover (at least) of the CD packaging.  Any questions, email us before the deadline.

Some of you also have improvements to make to posts.  Please ensure you email your teacher when these are done and we will update your grade accordingly.  Some of your posts need visual evidence and comments.

The animatics require an individual reflection task from each of you.  You should each edit the post the animatic is uploaded into so there is one group post for this task.  The questions are as follows.  Please ensure you use bullet points:

  1. What was your individual contribution to the storyboarding and animatic task?
  2. What have you learned from completing this process in terms of, camera - distance, movement and angle; editing - duration and transitions; sound - relationship between lyrics/sound and visuals, emotional colouring; Mise en scene - locations, character blocking?
  3. How else has this process fed into the development of your concept?
  4. How was this task more complex/different from the same task at AS?
  5. What were the challenges/difficulties of carrying out this task?
Well done all of you on a great first term in year 13; I hope you get some time to relax over the break.. :) 

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