Tuesday, 29 September 2009

THE PITCH - Monday 12th October

Your pitch should be no more than 4-5 minutes long and contain in any order the following:
  • 1. play extract of the track to the group - what is your BRIEF
  • 2. initial response (images from moodboard?)
  • 3. What did you learn from your product analysis?
  • 4. What did you learn from your technical analyis?
  • 5. How did your audience research inform your concept development?
  • 6. What is your proposed idea? Style, type, narrative
  • 7. the visuals - ideas on costume, location, types of shot
  • 8. What will be your biggest challenge? How will you overcome it?
  • 9. How will this video promote the band?
  • 10. How will your coverart on digipak and in advertisement further reinforce this band/artist image (initial ideas at this stage)

The purpose of the pitch is for you to CONVINCINGLY explain your proposed idea. Would we, as record company executives think this is a suitable idea for your genre/group? Are we convinced of your vision? Would we give you the GREEN LIGHT?

I suggest that you use PowerPoint - but not as a script - just to show us relevant images.

Good luck! We are looking forward to hearing your pitches - so far your ideas seem very creative.

Blog checklist for research..

On 13D's request - here is your final checklist. This is a MINIMUM. Your blog should contain the following AS A MINIMUM by the pitch deadline in two weeks Monday 12th

As a group:

  • Institutional research
  • track response
  • reflections on audience research, postmodernism
  • Your chosen track
  • Brighton field trip clips and detailed evaluation
  • clear record of ideas development, including costume, props, performers
  • A variety of visual ideas and stimulus (videos, interesting shots, films, TV, adverts - anything goes...)
  • Clear group discussion through commenting on posts
  • Location reccie planning
  • Location reccie evaluation
  • Audience research planning and evaluation of method
  • audience research results and evaluation

As an individual student you should EACH contribute:

  • moodboard response to track with written evaluation
  • collage of album covers / advertisements from your genre
  • Reflection on auteur videos viewed
  • 2 x video analysis
  • 1 x technical video analysis
  • 1 x digipak analysis
  • 1 x advert analysis

Once the pitch is complete and your proposal has been agreed, you should then work on and add the following to your blog (per group).

  • evaluation of pitch - feedback and ideas
  • animatic of storyboard

As soon as this is completed (latest upon return from half term) you can begin to shoot.

After half term, we will focus in class on print texts and you will add:

  • Ideas development for brand image through print
  • Draft layout of digipak artwork
  • Draft layout of magazine advertisement

Your blog then becomes a production log and all shoots / editing / DTP progress should be evaluated.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Week 4 Blog Tasks due Monday 28th Sept

This week is Brighton trip week. On our return, you will use the remainder 3 lessons and homework time to work on the following posts - due Monday 28th September 3.45pm ON BLOG

Blog post 1 – Brighton reccie evaluation
To include photographs and edited clips of shots taken with an evaluation of what you have learnt

Blog post 2 – Technical analysis of music video
Shot list breakdown. This can be done on paper and then the EVALUATION of findings posted on blog

Blog post 3 – proposed reccies
Decide on potential locations and when you will do a reccie. This will help you start to move the project forward.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Auteur videos.. some ideas

In addition to the auteur research booklet we have given you, you might like to have a look at http://www.bugvideos.co.uk/. This event celebrates cutting edge music videos and on the home page you can view their featured videos (see programme links at the bottom). There are some very interesting examples here...

Blog post list for Monday 21st Sept

13C and 13D - We expect the following to be posted on your blog as a minimum by Monday 21st September 3.45pm (before the Brighton trip)

1. Track response
2. Institutional context
3. Reflection on auteur videos
4. Audience consumption & postmodernism questions
5. Music video analysis x1
6. Album cover/advert analysis x1
7. Details of chosen track / band / artist
8. Individual moodboard response to chosen track

Any questions / problems you must come and see us before the deadline. Remember - your analysis should be packed with key terminology and critical ideas in order to acheive a level 4. A level 4 blog will also be a record of discussions, ideas, videos, inspiration and would therefore contain posts beyond the above. You should be using the comment function collaboratively too...

Good luck!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Well done to you all for submitting your first post on your chosen track! Please ensure that you read my comments carefully and make amendments promptly. I will be checking your blogs again on Wednesday evening to view your second post on the process and institutional context of music videos and will expect to see chances made to original post by then.

Not all of you have remembered to include your name in the title of your posting. If you have not, please edit your title asap. This is for the moderator and they don't know or understand your nicknames or pet names so please make it clear who you are!

Monday, 7 September 2009


Welcome to the department blog, new year 13s. Here you can keep track of the work due and deadlines as well as view other students' blogs.

DEADLINE 1 - be ready to present your track on Monday 14th September to both of us in your lesson.