Monday, 22 September 2014

Work for Week 22/9 - pinning concept down

As per our lesson today - the overriding objective this week is to decide WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO FOR OUR VIDEO! In other words, start mapping out the concept to the lyrics.  The processes that you will carry out to help with these creative decisions are:

1. edit and review Brighton footage  and video diaries of who did what on the shoot.  Reflect - how has this process moved your ideas forward? - due FRIDAY 26th 3.35pm

2. Video analysis - review progress so far with KJ on Tuesday - reflect on how well you are using theory and finish off the final video analysis - due FRIDAY 26th 3.35pm

3. Technical analysis - map ideas to the lyrics ready for Thursday's lesson so you can make a focused decision about the kind of sequences that as a group would be useful to analyse to support your own concept.  Final analysis due on blog MONDAY 29th 3.35pm

Monday, 15 September 2014

A source of alternative music videos

Have a look at for a range of alternative videos

CF - Planning tasks Wk 15th Sept

As per our lesson today - you should now be working on:

1. Planning for Brighton  - post ideas for test shots, details on props, costume, locations, kit if needed -  (Due Wed 17th Sept for lesson with KJ) - group post

2. Start video analysis task - cover all questions in the booklet over 3 videos.  Complete 2 videos worth of analysis by Sunday evening 6pm 21st Sept.   - individual post

Video discussed today:

Carpark North - Human
Directed by Martin De Thurah

I've just found this making of video - interesting to see the visuals ... but it's in DANISH!  Alex - you'll have to help us out

Another video set in Brighton that is worth having a look at for inspiration (no swimming though on Thursday - not covered by our risk assessment!
Laura Marling - Rambling Man

Friday, 12 September 2014

Blog posts - deadline 14 september 2014

  1. Institutional Context: Prezi/PPT – Grp.
  2. Class Music Video, Lonely Boy: music video – Grp.  planning/evaluation – Ind.
  3. Music Video theoretical essay: with visual evidence – Ind.
  4. Summer hols work: 3 x track ideas with comments  - Ind.
  5. Develop comments on 1 track: mise en scene, camera, editing - Ind.
  6. Moodboard on genre of track – Grp.
  7. Detailed response to questions on chosen track – Grp.
  8. Semiotic  analysis of Music Video: Narr/Perf/Conc – Ind.

Concept - lo-fi montage editing

STUFF PICK from Ground's Oranges on Vimeo.

Performance and Concept - camera and set

Labrinth - Let It Be from Us on Vimeo.