Monday, 17 November 2014

Week 17/11 - Progress print work

This week, you should complete the following 4 tasks:

1. editing at least 30 seconds of video to the track, ready to review on Thursday in lesson with KJ -this can be more!

2. Ensure digipak posts are reviewed and improved - by end of Monday 8pm

3. Work on layouts for digipak 4 panes minimum, 2 magazine advertisements for different segments of target audience and/or different forms – these should be posted on blog and annotated for media language / representation / ideological discourse

4. commenting on blog your individual contributions to all of the above


In groups, discuss the following and ensure that this is commented on during your research:

1. how will your band/artist metanarrative be constructed through the design of your promo campaign across a variety of forms?

2. What visual signifiers are creating a coherent promo campaign?

3. How will your print work be rich in connotation - think about representation and ideological discourse in your work


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