Thursday, 22 November 2007

Step 4 - audience research by 3rd December

Beginning week 26/11, you should carry out audience research to inform your own production. This needs to be meaningful and genuinely provide you with ideas about genre, expectations and audience engagement with music videos. REMEMBER that you should keep the paper copies of any questionnaires / forms as evidence of your research (use group zip folder).

You can take one of two approaches;
1. Quantitative research
Design a questionnaire about your band / genre / concept and hand out to as many of your target audience as possible. This may include open questions, however you should design this with a variety of question styles including semantic differentials and ranking to ensure that you can collate your responses
2. Qualitative research
You could chose to carry out a focus group, by playing the track to a group of your chosen target audience and use pre-prepared questions to guide a discussion.

You must be able to assess your methodology, which includes carefully considering the types of questions used, the purpose of your research, demographics of target audience, and how effective your mode of delivery was (in person, hand out with deadline, online, message board)
This must be completed, collated and results posted on blog by Monday 3rd December.

One post per group.

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