Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Step 5 - creating your storyboard (by end of term)

Well done to 13B and 13D for excellent pitches - some very exciting projects ahead. Good luck 13C for Thursday. You now need to finalise your video and storyboard in as much detail as possible. There are templates on the shared area in Y13 Resources / Advanced Production (PDF files), however you can design your own template if you wish. I suggest the following:
  • 6 - 8 shots per A4 sheet (easier to take on shoots than A3)
  • Number each shot
  • Write lyric / time code references as often as possible
  • use arrows to indicate camera movement
  • Clearly demonstrate framing (CU / MS)
  • If using zoom - use square to mark the final camera position
  • draw in pencil to allow for amendments
  • Write location at top of each shot to help you organise later

You will probably shoot more that you storyboard, but this is the key planning document and you cannot begin shooting without it. Make sure that you are discussing the video together as a group - don't just leave to the designated "storyboarder".

This needs to be finished by the end of term so that you can focus on revision at Christmas and be ready first lesson back to upload as an animatic to your blog. (film, capture and cut to your track to get a sense of final piece before shooting).

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