Monday, 12 November 2007

Step 3 - textual analysis

Discuss in your groups the type of videos that would be useful to analyse. Look for examples from the same genre, others with a similar structure (performance, conceptual, narrative) and perhaps ones with a similar location or visual style.

Observational comments
Over the next few weeks, you should record on your blog all videos that you watch, that inspire you - from other students' work. These 'observational' posts might be a couple of comments or more detailed. Be sure to comment on each others' findings!

2 x textual analysis
Each group member should do 2 more detailed analysis of videos. For this, use Goodwin's framework and reading source 8 to inform your analysis. You should look at form, style, techniques, representation, construction of star image, ideological discourse. Use key terminology and consider postmodernism.

1 x technical analysis
Each group member should complete one shot analysis. This should list each shot (frame, angle, movement), transition and a comment on mise-en-scene. It would be easier to record this in your books and then post an entry on your blog summarising what you have learnt from the analysis.

Key terminology - some suggestions...
amplification, disjuncture, voyeurism, montage editing, repeatability, visualisation, visual motifs...

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