Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Moodboard - Individual response

Decide what is going to be the focus of your primary research.  It could be investigating the metanarrative of an artist you are considering for your track.  It could be that you are deciding on genre and need to look at content and style of promos from a range of artists more thoroughly.

Share your ideas with your group and ensure that you are each doing different research which is useful in pushing your planning forward.

Complete the task in prezi.  This enables you to embed videos from the artists and include stills, examples of print work and captions.  It is also a way of making the blog more multi-media. Use terminology and show engagement with the task.

When you have completed the task, embed it on the blog as an individual post.  Then look at your colleagues' moodboards and post a comment saying how you found their contribution useful.

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