Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Blog post list for Monday 21st Sept

13C and 13D - We expect the following to be posted on your blog as a minimum by Monday 21st September 3.45pm (before the Brighton trip)

1. Track response
2. Institutional context
3. Reflection on auteur videos
4. Audience consumption & postmodernism questions
5. Music video analysis x1
6. Album cover/advert analysis x1
7. Details of chosen track / band / artist
8. Individual moodboard response to chosen track

Any questions / problems you must come and see us before the deadline. Remember - your analysis should be packed with key terminology and critical ideas in order to acheive a level 4. A level 4 blog will also be a record of discussions, ideas, videos, inspiration and would therefore contain posts beyond the above. You should be using the comment function collaboratively too...

Good luck!

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