Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Blog checklist for research..

On 13D's request - here is your final checklist. This is a MINIMUM. Your blog should contain the following AS A MINIMUM by the pitch deadline in two weeks Monday 12th

As a group:

  • Institutional research
  • track response
  • reflections on audience research, postmodernism
  • Your chosen track
  • Brighton field trip clips and detailed evaluation
  • clear record of ideas development, including costume, props, performers
  • A variety of visual ideas and stimulus (videos, interesting shots, films, TV, adverts - anything goes...)
  • Clear group discussion through commenting on posts
  • Location reccie planning
  • Location reccie evaluation
  • Audience research planning and evaluation of method
  • audience research results and evaluation

As an individual student you should EACH contribute:

  • moodboard response to track with written evaluation
  • collage of album covers / advertisements from your genre
  • Reflection on auteur videos viewed
  • 2 x video analysis
  • 1 x technical video analysis
  • 1 x digipak analysis
  • 1 x advert analysis

Once the pitch is complete and your proposal has been agreed, you should then work on and add the following to your blog (per group).

  • evaluation of pitch - feedback and ideas
  • animatic of storyboard

As soon as this is completed (latest upon return from half term) you can begin to shoot.

After half term, we will focus in class on print texts and you will add:

  • Ideas development for brand image through print
  • Draft layout of digipak artwork
  • Draft layout of magazine advertisement

Your blog then becomes a production log and all shoots / editing / DTP progress should be evaluated.

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