Sunday, 23 November 2008

Technical analysis THIS WEEK

All three groups need to work on the technical 'shot' analysis of a music video this week. This is time consuming, but almost THE most relevant piece of product research that you do - it really does show you technically how a video is edited together and what you should be planning in your final storyboard. Tips are as follows:

1. Choose a video in the "style" (not necessarily genre) of the video that you are planning to deconstruct - in other words a narrative, or performance, or conceptual based video

2. Make the shot list on paper while watching the video online so that you can pause and make notes efficiently. This will be time consuming but better than trying to flick between packages online. DON'T post the shot list on the blog - it will take up too much space. Instead it can be submitted to us/for moderation as a paper appendix

3. Make notes on shot size, movement, elements of mise-en-scene, transition and if interesting - length of shot. E.g. CU tracking in to MCU on lead singers face grimacing fades to
MS couple on swings laughing 3 secs cuts to

4. Once you have completed the shot list - review and evaluate on the blog. What have you learnt from this exercise? How long are the shots? How are they cut? What shot size is predominantly used? How does the camera move? Are there any long static shots? Relationship with lyrics/music? How is the narrative constructed? Are any types of performance shots repeated? What will you now use from this when planning your own work?

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