Sunday, 23 November 2008

Pitching your concept

13A and 13C - you will be pitching your concept to the group and the new teacher NEXT WEEK (10th - 11th December). Your pitch should be 3-4 minutes long and contain at some stage the following:

1. play extract of the track to the group - what is your BRIEF
2. initial response (images from moodboard?)
3. What did you learn from your product analysis?
4. What did you learn from your technical analyis?
5. How did your audience research inform your concept development?
6. What is your proposed idea? Style, type,
7. Ideas on costume, location, types of shot
8. What will be your biggest challenge? How will you overcome it?
9. How will this video promote the band?

The purpose of the pitch is for you to CONVINCINGLY explain your proposed idea. Would we, as record company executives think this is a suitable idea for your genre/group? Would we give you the GREEN LIGHT?

I suggest that you use PowerPoint - but not as a script - just to show us relevant images.

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