Monday, 6 December 2010

Want a level 4 planning?

If you want a level 4 planning - we will be looking for consistent excellence from your individual contribution to the following:
  • focused secondary research, informed by critical theorists
  • Relevant audience research - testing concept, animatic, rough cuts, final piece
  • Collaborative use of blog and care and attention to detail in presenting blog
  • Excellent use of ICT (blog, prezi, youtube, premiere - animatic, stills, scanning, survey monkey, image manipulation)
  • Pitch and reflection
  • Storyboarding, drafts, mock-ups, location reccies - on blog
  • Managing time, logistics - timeline scanned in, examples of call sheets, production log entries stating clearly your contribution to shoots
  • Record of progress of print design - technical log of decisions made / use of original images
  • Feedback from J Fiveash that you were efficient in managing equipment
  • Ability to meet deadlines, organised approach to work


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