Friday, 24 September 2010

13A - Deadline - Monday 27th September

Please complete the following posts on your blog - one per group:

  1. Consider what decisions still need to be made with regard to planning - write a to-do list. Include a date for your next reccie
  2. Evaluate the Brighton reccie. How will you be using the skills and experience of this shoot to inform the next stage of production?
  3. Post the lyrics of your song. Annotate exactly what you envisage happening during each line. Include notes for instrumental parts.
  4. Complete your second mini technical analysis, try the Bug website for ideas. Again your shot by shot list should be 30 seconds to a minute depending on cutting rate.
  5. Your group pitches will be in week commencing 11 October. All planning will be completed by then. Check the list in your booklet to see what you have still to do.

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