Sunday, 13 December 2009

Blog - final tidy up

Make sure that your blog represents your excellence in use of ICT as well as planning and organisation. Make sure you have done the following:

1. Used as many embedded video clips, stills, photographs, links as possible
2. Commented on each other's posts
3. Uploaded a jpg of your digipak and ad layouts
4. Uploaded a jpg sample of call sheet, risk assessment and calendar to show organisation
5. broken up long text posts with subheadings, key words highlighted
6. changed settings so all posts are viewed on one page
7. organised menu with your initials at beginning of all posts
8. recorded shoots/editing process on blog
9. Uploaded final print texts to blog
10. Included a post with evidence of original images for print (perhaps include in Q4?)
11. sort out design of blog - get rid of silly banners, amend title image with still image, rethink design (check font colours and bold if you change). BRAND your blog

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