Thursday, 23 October 2008

Start planning...half term tasks from CF

1. For 13A and 13C, your first task is to deconstruct a music video on your blog. This should be either from the genre that you are looking at using for your track, or the style of video that you are interested in making.

2. You should also at this stage begin posting entries recording the discussions that you are having in your group, track ideas, any videos you find inspirational...

3. You should also make a start on the institutional research. Divide up the following questions in your group:
What is the purpose of a music video? Who commissions a video? What kind of budgets would they normally have? How much lead time to produce one? How do music channels in this country work? How do audiences consume music videos?
Refer to article 2 and work on EMAP carried out over the last couple of weeks. You will also need to research music video production.

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