Sunday, 24 February 2008

Audience feedback - screening evening

Well done - a fantastic set of music videos this year. Your final step before completing your Critical Evaluation is to carry out some audience research. The screening evening gives you the opportunity to do so. In groups you need to devise a questionnaire / focus group sheet and 15 copies need to be handed to CF/KJ by Wednesday at the latest with your group number clearly indicated at the top.

When planning in your groups, consider the following:
  • What was the aim of your video?
  • How can you find out if you achieved this?
  • Do the audience recognise the generic conventions?
  • Does it stand up to repeatability?

In terms of methodology, you must consider the following carefully:

  • Types of questioning; ranking, semantic differentials, open questions
  • Method of research on the night; time constraints, screening conditions compared to real consumption
  • Avoiding leading comments /questions
  • Issues with demographics; who are your sample audience?

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